В каждой из мини-историй цикла One Word English используется одно английское слово в разных значениях.
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За пару минут вы сможете выучить несколько коротких фраз, которые пригодятся во многих житейских ситуациях и помогут вам выражаться по-английски естественно и лаконично.

Посмотрите историю два-три раза и вы без труда запомните целевые слова.

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Hi, this is One Word English. In this program you will learn only one English word and some tips for using it in different situations. 

Today we’re going to learn about the word "break". This word does not only mean to break something into pieces. It has a few other meanings as well.

Listen to the following story.

A woman broke up with her boyfriend because she saw him kissing another woman.

The next day her car broke down. She couldn’t fix it herself, so she had to take a bus to work.

While she was away, someone broke into her house and took her computer, so she lost all her work.

That night she was rewriting her work and suddenly made a scientific breakthrough for which she later received the Nobel Prize.

She took a break and had a cup of coffee.

Ok, let’s see what the word "break" means in these sentences.

“She broke up with her boyfriend” means “she ended the relationship with him”.

“Her car broke down” means “her car stopped working”.

“Someone broke into her house” means “someone used force to enter her house”.

“She made a scientific breakthrough” means “she made a great scientific discovery”.

"She took a break" means “she stopped doing something for a little while”.

Look at the pictures again, listen to my questions and try to answer quickly.

Why did she take a bus to work?

Is she still with her boyfriend?

What happened while she was away?

When did she make a scientific breakthrough?

What was stolen from her house?

What did she do when her boyfriend kissed another woman?

Did she have a glass of wine during the break?

The word "break" will work in similar situations.

Breaking up with someone can be difficult.

The burglar is going to break into a house.

The photocopier broke down again.

The agreement was very welcome a political breakthrough.

Let's take a break.

This was One Word English. See you soon!

Your tutor is Alisher, a Cambridge CELTA graduate with over 5 years of international EFL teaching experience. He’s designing these programs to suite various levels from Elementary to
Intermediate. Watch this video a few times, repeating model phrases and answering questions, then find similar situations around to practice until a new episode of "One Word English" comes out.