В каждой из мини-историй цикла One Word English используется одно английское слово в разных значениях.

За пару минут вы сможете выучить несколько коротких фраз, которые пригодятся во многих житейских ситуациях и помогут вам выражаться по-английски естественно и лаконично. Посмотрите историю два-три раза и вы без труда запомните целевые слова.

Learn with fun!

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Наиболее эффективный способ использования этих уроков – в 3 этапа. Первый просмотр: старайтесь максимально понять содержание, не обращая внимания на непонятные места. Второй раз смотрите с транскриптом, уточняйте значения незнакомых слов в словаре, внимательно повторяйте фразы-образцы и отвечайте на мои вопросы. Третий просмотр – для закрепления – опять без текста. На этот раз повторять фразы и отвечать на вопросы будет легче. После просмотра практикуйте выученное слово в разных ситуациях, и оно станет частью вашего активного английского!

Today we’ll learn about the word work.

Listen to a story about Jenny and her dream

Every day Jenny worked out in a gym to keep fit

She mostly worked at stretching and lifting weights

Jenny wanted to look perfect to draw one of her coworker’s attention

One day that coworker came to her gym when she already worked up a fair sweat

She though she looked terrible but he came up to her and said with a smile: Hi there, looks like you trying to work off something! Can I join you?

Ok, now let me explain what the word work means in these sentences

The first phrase: “Jenny worked out in a gym” means “Jenny exercised in a gym”

“She worked at stretching” means “She tried hard to improve her stretch”

The next phrase “she already worked up a fair sweat” means “she produced sweat by her activity”

And finally “you are trying to work off something” means “you are trying to get rid of something (like anger or depression)”

Now try to answer my questions looking at the pictures:

What did Jenny do to keep fit?

Why did she want to look perfect?

What did her coworker say when he saw her in the gym?

How did she look when her coworker came to the gym?

The word work will work in all similar situations

She’s been working at her project for weeks

He wants to feel young and strong so he works out every day

Driving helps him to work off anxiety caused by his dangerous job

Look for similar situations and practice the word work!

Your tutor is Alisher, a Cambridge CELTA graduate with over 5 years of international EFL teaching experience. He’s designing these programs to suite various levels from Elementary to
Intermediate. Watch this video a few times, repeating model phrases and answering questions, then find similar situations around to practice until a new episode of "One Word English" comes out.