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BelarusFeed is a website with news about Belarus in English; a guide, helper and expert in the most up-to-date and interesting events of the country.

On BelarusFeed we write about what’s happening right here and right now. We strive to form objective news agenda of Belarus, which is more varied and eventful than is traditionally shown in the foreign media.

The project appeared as a page on Facebook in 2014, and since then the number of our followers has exceeded 10 thousand people. BelarusFeed has become a reliable source of news and infotainment for its readers.

In August 2016 BelarusFeed launched its website. At present almost 18 thousand people from over 50 countries across the globe read it.

Readers follow BelarusFeed for different reasons. Expats want to satisfy their nostalgia for homeland, foreigners who live in Belarus come for the news. Some readers see us a companion to unique and fascinating places, some just seek entertainment.

We try to be appealing, comprehensive and understandable to each of them!

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