В каждой из мини-историй цикла One Word English используется одно английское слово в разных значениях.

За пару минут вы сможете выучить несколько коротких фраз, которые пригодятся во многих житейских ситуациях и помогут вам выражаться по-английски естественно и лаконично. Посмотрите историю два-три раза, и вы без труда запомните целевые слова.

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Hi, in this episode of One Word English we are going to learn about the word swing.

This kind of back and forth motion is what we normally call swing.

But in everyday life we use this word in a variety of meanings.

Rosy swung by Linda’s place on Sunday and asked her about the two men who were there

Linda looked at one of them swinging her leg and said: “Roberto is mine today!”

She jumped up, grabbed Roberto’s hand and they started swing dancing to jazz music

Rosy took a sit next to another man and asked: “Is that a real swing party? Oh no, I mean swing like dancing!”

Now, let’s check out what the word swing means in these sentences

The first phrase “Rosy swung by Linda’s place” means “Rosy briefly visited Linda’s place”

“Linda was swinging her leg” means “Linda was moving her leg back and forth”

The next phrase “they started swing dancing to jazz music” means “they started dancing in swing style to jazz music”

The last phrase “Is that a real swing party? Oh no, I mean swing like dancing!” is tricky. Swing party is a kind of party where people swap their sexual partners, so Rosy confused the man with her question and quickly specified that she meant just swing dancing.

Now look at the pictures again and answer my questions:

What did Rosy do on Sunday?

What was Lind doing while talking to Rosy?

Why did Linda jump up?

What did Rosy ask another man about?

Let’s see how you can use the word swing in similar situations

Swing parties are very popular in Florida

To swing dance you must be in a good physical shape

They are going to swing by the office to get some papers and rush to the airport

The old lady likes swinging her arms when she walks in the park.

Now you know new meanings of the word swing. If you use it in similar situations you’ll learn it really quickly!

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