В каждой из мини-историй цикла One Word English используется одно английское слово в разных значениях.

За пару минут вы сможете выучить несколько коротких фраз, которые пригодятся во многих житейских ситуациях и помогут вам выражаться по-английски естественно и лаконично. Посмотрите историю два-три раза, и вы без труда запомните целевые слова.

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Наиболее эффективный способ использования этих уроков – в 3 этапа. Первый просмотр: старайтесь максимально понять содержание, не обращая внимания на непонятные места. Второй раз смотрите с транскриптом, уточняйте значения незнакомых слов в словаре, внимательно повторяйте фразы-образцы и отвечайте на мои вопросы. Третий просмотр – для закрепления – опять без текста. На этот раз повторять фразы и отвечать на вопросы будет легче. После просмотра практикуйте выученное слово в разных ситуациях, и оно станет частью вашего активного английского!

Hi, you are watching One Word English. If you want to improve your English here is a simple tip: it’s not about how many words you know but how you use them!

Today we’ll learn about the word "pull". The basic meaning of this word is to “move something steadily in a specific direction, normally towards you”.

But there are many other meanings, very useful in everyday situations.

Listen to a story.

Although he was buried with work, he pulled off a country Christmas trip with his girlfriend.

It was a long way, but when they pulled in the resort they saw a Christmas tree decorated on a snowy hill.

She pulled out a gift box and gave it to him.

It was a new llama-wool pullover, which he put on right away. Now he could slide down the hill without a jacket!

Now, let’s check out what the word "pull" means in these sentences.

The first phrase “Although he was buried with work, he pulled off a country Christmas trip” means “Although he was buried with work, he managed to make a country Christmas trip happen”.

“When they pulled in the resort they saw a Christmas tree” means “when they arrived at the resort they saw a Christmas tree”.

The next phrase “She pulled out a gift box” means “She took a gift box out of somewhere (may be, her bag?)”.

“He saw a pullover” means “He saw a jumper (or a sweater)”.

Now look at the pictures again and answer my questions:

Was it easy to him to go for a trip?

When did they see a Christmas tree?

What did his girlfriend do with the box?

What was in the box?

You can use the word "pull" in all similar situations.

His pullover was so warm he didn’t even need a jacket to walk in winter.

The president pulled in late at night.

I don’t know how Tom pulled it off but he got a brand new motorbike for 50 000$!

It takes a cowboy a second to pull out his gun.

Now you know some uses of the word pull. Try to make sentences with this word whenever you see a similar situation.

You’ve been watching “One Word” English. See you later.

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Watch this video a few times, repeating model phrases and answering questions, then find similar situations around to practice until a new episode of "One Word English" comes out.